Add Fall Flair To Your Work Uniform With These Ideas!

Most 9 to 5 jobs require employees to wear work-appropriate attire that usually consists of button-down shirts and crisp and clean jackets paired with pressed slacks or knee-length skirts.

With fall in full swing, it’s not only important to stay warm but stylish as well! Instead of heading into work with standard-issue work uniforms, take into consideration the different ways you can add some fall flair fashion vibes to your otherwise dull wardrobe. You can also consult your local rental service like a uniform company in memphis who can help present you options based on what you need.

Selecting Fall Colors

Though accessories are an integral part of any work uniform, selecting the right colors for fall is doubly important! During the colder months of the year, darker neutral colors such as brown or taupe are more appropriate. You can add interest by giving your outfits a pop of color with shades of red, orange, and burgundy. It’s best for your outfit to be neutral in color with pops of color found in your accessories.

Choose The Right Accessories

No fall work-wear is complete without the right accessories. Understandably, you work in a professional environment, so you need to adhere to dress code, but carefully selecting chunky beaded jewelry or a purse with fall tones can help dress up an otherwise mundane outfit.

Don’t forget that when it’s cold outside that stylish scarves are a great addition to any outfit as long as the right patterns are selected. For example, plaid prints are a great fall accessory as they go with virtually anything in your wardrobe as long as the underlying outfit is neutral.

Fall Knits Are A Cozy Touch

Fall is all about feeling warm and cozy, especially if you live in a climate where it starts to get cold quickly. Knit tops such as sweaters and turtlenecks are a great way to complement slacks or a pencil skirt when heading into work. You can also choose to wear a loose-fitted cardigan paired with your favorite blouse. The key is to add texture to your work-wear as it adds warmth.

Boots Are A Must For Fall

Most focus is placed on what you wear on your upper body, but sometimes, the same amount of care should be taken when selecting footwear for fall. Enclosed heels and boots are the perfect way to complete your uniform, but make sure you go for comfort! You can find plenty of chunky or riding boots that offer the ideal silhouette while providing support for your feet that very few summer items can achieve.

Quick Tips To Take Away

*Stay away from too dark colors such as navy or black. Taupes, browns, and other neutrals are much more flattering and add warmth to your uniform.

*Fall months are all about staying warm and cozy, so knit fabrics, leather, and loose-fitted garments are perfect.

*Use only a few choice accessories to add fall flair such as a plaid purse or scarf with gold-toned costume jewelry.

Fall is the season that most people look forward to as it heralds the coming of the holidays! This is also the time of the year when temperatures start to fall and staying warm is essential. Fortunately, you can remain stylish in your work uniform and still feel the fall comfort with the tips from above. Also, check out this video below for additional fall tips on your work wear:

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